TraitSet® Assessments are behavioral assessments NOT personality tests. Our assessments measure and predict more specifically than personality tests


Work Ethic and Integrity

The most important behaviors needed in every employee are work ethic and integrity.

When you hire the candidate will he/she show up, do a good job and be as concerned about their job as you are? Do they go that extra mile? What is their integrity measure?

Customer Service

Does the candidate have the social skills and interest to treat customers with respect and resolve their problems? Can he/she help not only service your customers well but keep them coming back?


Does the person have the behaviors of confidence, dealing with problems in a pro-active way, and positively influencing others? Can that person help develop and manage people?

Does the candidate have what it takes to sell product or services, identify customer needs, and deal with objections. Can that person help you make money?

Sales Potential    


We offer two basic Money Math employee assessments to measure fundamental numerical ability. One is designed for managers who make bank deposits.; and the other includes percentages and discounts found in industries like Retail.

Working with Numbers


Antagonistic Behavior

Based on the candidate’s responses, this assessment measures where a candidate is on the dimension from passive to aggressive-and-hostile. Find out about possible harassment and violence potential before you hire.


Created for the purpose to assess the general cognitive skills of prospective hires at the high school graduate level with some college or experience. The Cognitive tests include General Skills: math, logic, and verbal combined. Verbal Ability: reading/vocabulary/comprehension. Mathematical Ability: logic, mathematics including basic algebra and geometry.

Cognitive Ability 


The goal of the Ready to Work assessment is to identify how receptive or able a person is to assume the responsibility associated with work. It does not make any moral or demographic judgments about a person, but tries to assess potential impediments that may reduce a person’s ability/inclination to work. 

Ready To Work