About Traitset® 

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Traitset® HIre

TraitSet® offers an online APPLICATION in conjunction with BEHAVIOR ASSESSMENTS that pre-screen for Work Ethic & Integrity, Leadership, Customer Service and other key behavior traits.

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traitset® onboard

TraitSet® OnBoard provides a secure online paperless process for new hires and existing employee’s new employee forms. All State and Federal employee documentation, I-9, E-Verify, WOTC, Background checks, company policy manuals and forms are completed, stored and signed online.

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The Online TRAINING library is an efficient, consistent and cost effective way to train your entire team. Our services range from an “a la carte" menu to customizable solutions integrating your existing policies and procedures.

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Traitset® Schedule

A secure web based SCHEDULING solution that is designed to work with smartphones. Our solution provides information that will be delivered fast, streamline the scheduling process and reduce controllable labor costs.